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Mangelo Productions is an Atlanta-based film company that was created by Michael Angelo in June 2008.  Ever since its inception, Mangelo Productions has been

making gains in the film industry.  Michael began shooting his first movie called Words to Kill which he wrote and directed in July 2008  and completed it in October 2008.  


Shortly afterwards, Michael Angelo decided to produce his first comedy movie called Single in the ATL and followed up with the highly successful sequel Single in the ATL 2.   Then, he returned back to his roots and wrote the AWARD WINNING drama called Imprisoned by Love.  This movie won 3 film festival awards.  Also, it was picked up by Maverick Entertainment for national distribution.  


This summer, we had a sold out premiere for our latest thriller Faces of Deceit which is also written and being directed by Michael Angelo.  This movie has already been award the title of being an OFFICIAL SELECTION of the Georgia Latino Film Alliance and is headed to all major streaming platforms.    

Currently, Mangelo Productions is preparing for triple feature film called Dream on Dreamer1, Dream on Dreamer 2 and Dream on Dreamer, The Finale




Mangelo Productions is a film company that is working hard to become synonymous with making quality films and delivering unique story lines with a twist.  Also, we want to be recognized for showing a diverse cast in our movies that are able to carry a story line from the beginning to the end while entertaining our viewers.



Find out more about Michael Angelo by visiting:

IMDB resume: 


 Currently, we are working on a new script call Ostracized.    It is a movie that deals with bullying on all levels.  Main character, Mario Vasquez, is forced to contend with a group of bullies on a daily basis.  The leader of the school bullies, Jake, enjoys making Mario’s life a living hell.   Nevertheless, Mario tries everything in his power to avoid any kind of contact with this group of bullies, especially Jake.  But when a prank by the bullies goes too far, Mario decides to seek revenge on his aggressors, which results in tragedy.  This movie is slated to begin filming in June 2015. 


2)  Our next project centers around Love, Betrayal and Revenge - a recipe for destruction - Blistfully Sinful.  This movie is about well known Atlanta family named The Monroe's.  The husband, Pastor David Monroe, is scandalous and  has a wife by the name of Rochelle Monroe who is equally notorious for stirring up drama.  In addition, they have  three spoiled rotten children who all have secrets that they want to keep undercover.  If you think the prime time series Dallas had drama, well you "ain't'' seen nothing yet. This family is hiding a so many secret that it will shake the moral fabric of the Pastor's mega church.  The Monroe's are coming soon to a screen near you.  This movie is slated to begin filming in 2017. 


3)  Also, we are working on the executive summary for our upcoming feature ULTIMATE JUSTICE as we are trying to secure investments for this ground-breaking project. This movie deals with Anti-Semitism and various other forms of racism. In addition, we are looking for 2 Jewish (negotiable) male actors to play the leads and about 10 Jewish (male and female) actors to play supporting roles or actors who are aware of the Jewish culture and willing to study the Jewish faith. This film will show the Jewish religion in a positive manner and why some people still harbor hatred against Jews and other ethnic groups. It also requires strong actors who are able and willing to deliver heavy racist overtures and phrases without having hang-ups. This is without a doubt a very controversial film. This movie is not yet slated to begin filming.


Executive Producer, CEO, Director, Writer - Michael Angelo

Director of Photography/Executive Producer - Michael Redden

Assistant Director of Photography - Le Quentez B.

Production Sound Mixer - Alex Butler

Executive Assistant/Casting - Jacqueline W.

Casting Director - Sarah D. and Wardell Richardson

Production Assistant -  Baye Osei and Caleb Flowers.  

Photographer - Eric Goines

Location Manager - Raul Thomas

Makeup Specialist - Alisha Blanding

Hair and Wardrobe - Candance M.


Please send all resumes, headshots, music and general information  to:  - Business and Aquisitions  - Casting and Auditions



NOTE:  It is not our policy to accept unsoliticited scripts, pitches and/or storylines. If you send your scripts, pitches and/or storylines, rest assure that they will be deleted instantly to protect us from copyright infringement.  

How to prepare for our auditions:

1)  Come with a headshot and a resume (if you have a resume).

2) Read over the appropriate sides (if applicable) to prepare you for your audition.

3) Please refrain from socializing too much but rather focus on your state of mind to deliver a great audition.

4) Remember your beat changes in your audition read. 






A good actor is someone who: 


  • Is  Captivating: A great actor is so convincing in a role that he can hold an audience captive and make them feel as if there is nothing but the story at hand.

  • Has a True Commitment: A great actor is committed to becoming the best actor he can be, as well as to working hard and preserving through rejection to find the best roles.

  • Shows Confidence: A great actor is confident in his work and portrays that confidence both during a performance as well as in public to help create a rapport with the public.

  • Has Insight: A great actor has keen insight into human behavior and can effectively convey the emotion that influences one's actions.

  • Is Able to Use His/Her Intelligence for Role Creation: A great actor uses intelligence to research roles and impart that knowledge into their acting to develop more convincing attributes of the character. Great actors generally also have excellent reading and interpretation skills.

  • Possesses Good Physical Skills: A great actor has skill in physical movement and is able to portray the movements of a variety of characters. Many actors also perform stunt work and complicated physical work.

  • Shows a High Degree of Professionalism: A great actor works with a wide variety of people and is highly professional in all situations. A great actor shows tremendous respect to the craft, script, writers, directors, and all other key personnel involved in a production.

  • Has an Innate Talent: A great actor has a natural talent for performing and entertaining.

  • Is Willing to Work on Performance Techniques: A great actor has a perfected technique for his acting and is able to successfully bring believable characters to life.

  • Has Some Sense of Vanity: A great actor has at least some degree of vanity that drives them to continue to improve and excel at the craft.

“Unlike all the other art forms, film is able to seize and render the passage of time, to stop it, almost to possess it in infinity. I’d say that film is the sculpting of time.”

– Andrei Tarkovsky

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